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  • Exposing the Corruption of the U.S. Government in Conspiracy with the Mercenary Media

    Exposing the Corruption of the U.S. Government in Conspiracy with the Mercenary Media

    Published on March 16, 2010 and Updated on April 15, 2023


    The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, and his tongue talks of justice, says the Lord (Psalms 37:30).

    Unfortunately, not everyone speaks wisdom and truth.

    Corrupt people speak deceit and injustice. By experience, I do know that the mainstream media and Washington speak lies and deceit, and I can attest to it. CNN (the worldwide criminal leader in news), Univision, NBC, RT, BBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Fox News Network, The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, and Al Jazeera Network, etc., these liars deceive the public with what comes out of their mouths when they report the news. 

    I call the American corporate media "criminal and mercenary media". They serve the interest of their government and the new world order rather than of the public. In doing so, they are pro-war, committing crimes and abuse around the world, hiding what they do. Thus, creating a massive deception campaign starting in the US to protect their interests.

    Deception, lies, greediness, crime, abuse, and hypocrisy is above the law. They are domestic and international terrorists. They help governments create and cover up domestic and international terrorism, genocide, drugs, human and organ trafficking and pedophile network, drugs, etc. They also spy on the American people, including myself, and the people around the world.

    Since late 2008, the US government together with CNN and the criminal media have been persecuting me via satellite, keeping my home 24/7/365 video surveillance. I am suffering in and out of my home persecution by two groups of perverts and criminals. The U.S. government (Washington) and the wicked Sodomites/Pharisees/Canaanites of Time Square Church. Dictator Barack Obama started a persecution together with CNN and the American mercenary media while he was denying on television that his white house government was spying on ordinary Americans like myself. Currently, they are still keeping my household under 24/7/365/ harassment, torture, and abuse under satellite video surveillance together with the mainstream media. This situation has unleashed a series of crimes as President Biden has continued the persecution of both his predecessors Trump and Obama.

    Since 2011, via letter to Congress, by revelations from God, I had informed them about the Judgment of God upon the U.S. government, and the persecution I am suffering since late 2005 by wicked pastors of Times Square Church. As a result, they intensified the persecution but a resolution on this insanity is pending with Congress.

    Washington has followed me everywhere I go, recording from a distance what I speak with others in person and over the telephone. They are invading the privacy of my home, and hacking and hijacking all of my personal devices: iPhones, iPads, and personal Computer networks using Apple and Microsoft backdoors, as well as my personal and business Google e-mail account to steal my personal information. In addition to every computer, they know that I use around New York City. Also, they're adding and deleting posts, images, and content from this blog, in addition to redirecting my website blog posts to their own link pages. If you happen to find large blank spaces or no spaces at all between paragraphs, missing links where there is supposed to be one, or find deleted images, misspelled words, and/or find information that doesn't make sense to you, as well as miss seeing expected information, you now know what's happening. Do not be surprised if one day you visit this website and find that it has been shut down. This situation is hindering my writing on this blog, books, and prophecy work of the Lord with great concern.  

    While the US Congress and the administration of Biden, Trump, and Barack Obama have been hacking and hijacking this website, they have been depriving the American people and the world of both, their rights to practice religion and know about the ongoing written Bible prophecy of our Creator is fulfilling in this generation and all things He is doing in our communities and around the world before the end of times.

    Many websites have been created under the name of Karen Rajabian to impersonate me, which I do not support because they are FAKE. Since my old Google Blog was created, many false prophecy-related websites have been created under my name. One fake website is http://www.karen-rajabian.blogpot.com/. Be left assured that their prophecy website has nothing to do with me. Personally, I believe that Washington has created those websites to mislead the public.

    On October 4, 2015, I left my home alone for two weeks to come to my country to bury my mother after she died in New York when over the telephone I was informed that the US government had broken into my home to steal my personal information, which the CIA couldn't find. 

    I knew that during my absence, my enemies would try to destroy my home to seek the information that they need from me. As they know that they killed a double of Gaddafi and that CNN helped them to stage and air his death, and that I am the person who the Lord revealed where Colonel Gaddafi is hiding, by breaking into my home they thought that I had that information written somewhere at home. But that information is in my mind only. Obviously! 

    Under the leading of CNN (the worldwide leader in news), Univision, NBC, RT, BBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Fox News Network, The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, and Al Jazeera Network, etc., have informed that Colonel al-Gaddafi was killed by the US-UN-NATO, this is false. They killed one of Coronel Gaddafi's doubles. 

    You are visiting the website which is the one that has the true story about the Libyan leader. The American-led European, Israeli-Arab media is aware that Libyan Leader Colonel al-Gaddafi is alive!  Take a look at it, CNN the chief pro-war media criminal fabricated the news about Colonel Gaddafi's murder and went as far as staging and thus creating fake news about Tripoli, Libya. And they have done a good job of deleting all evidence in the form of videos, and images posted even by the Libyan people themselves. Yes, this is the main reason Washington and the mainstream media have persecuted me for many years, invading the privacy of my home. They hope to know both, where Colonel Gaddafi is hiding and the future prophecies against themselves among other things.

    In the United States today, there are six giant media corporations controlling mainstream media news.  Those giant media corporations own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels, and even many prominent websites. For many years, the money-hungry mercenary media in the United States of America, with the approval of Master Washington, has been accustomed to joining persecutions and being able to tell the American people what to think and do (through watching, hearing, and reading) with lies. It is disgusting, right?

    Unfortunately for them, a whole lot of Americans have broken free from being deceived and think for themselves. A Gallup survey from early 2022 found that 60 percent of all Americans “have little or no trust” in the mainstream media.

    We are witnessing a world media revolution happening, alternative media outlets stand up against their lies and deceptions and many in the mercenary media worry about it. No trust, no money would they be able to make!

    More people than ever are realizing that the mainstream media is giving them a very distorted version of “the truth” and they are increasingly seeking out alternative sources of information. 

    Thanks to the Internet the mercenary media no longer has a complete monopoly on the news.  In recent years some “independent media” websites have exploded in popularity. But let's be clear, this didn't happen because President Trump invented the term "Fake News". All started it when I informed the US government that God has revealed to me the place where Colonel Gaddafi is hiding and saw how they, together with CNN staged fake news. I posted the news on my blog.

    It happened that during the Trump era, President Trump wasn't using the mainstream media to persecute and spy on me but alternative media outlets such as Alex Jones, infowars.com, which is again, disgusting! They were watching me via satellite like Obama did it together with the mainstream media. How do I know this? Alex Jones freely and openly talked about it while broadcasting the news.

    All the above are low acts of corruption, crime, disrespect, indecency, lies, deception, greediness, and hypocrisy. Disgusting, right?

    Nowadays, we have to be careful as to who is broadcasting the truth. We the People want to hear about the things that the mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about.  We want to hear news that is not filtered by corporate bosses and government censors.  We want “the truth” and we know that we are not getting it from the mainstream media.

    Because of money interest, media bias has been supporting what should condemn to benefit from corruption. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows, says the Lord  (I Timothy 6:6-10).  But we are to keep in mind that some independent journalists and "some" alternative media news sites are right here on the web, accessible to people who have an interest in following true news.      

    To be able to break the joke of corruption, the criminal media must be tried in a court of law for the crimes they have committed around the world. The US government is under the judgment of the Lord and we will witness the justice of God.


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