June 24, 2024

  • Gates Admits That Covid Jabs Contain Nanotech


    If you recall, when the Covid jabs were first being rolled out to the public, the vaccine inserts were intentionally left blank.

    Why was that?

    Maybe its because the experimental ‘vaccines’ were never safe and effective as we were told.

    And as Greg Reese reports: ….for those who did their own research, they were discovered to be deadly.

    The Moderna patent for this mRNA technology stated that they contain self assembling lipid nanoparticle technology. And now that an estimated six hundred million doses have been administered to the US public, Bill Gates admits this.

    “Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap. And that’s the magic of this thing. But there’s no doubt in the next five years, we can, you know, we just need to mess around. There’s a lot of lipid nanoparticles, and some are very self-assembling. There’s no inherent reason it’s not thermal stable, it’s not cheap and it’s not scalable. And so, as over the five years we fix that part of it, mature it, which is very typical, we’ll be able to build factories worldwide that can make $2 vaccines with even less lead time than we’ve had to have here during this pandemic.” ~ Bill Gates

    Bill says these mRNA shots can easily be programmed to administer any type of spike protein pathogen. And the Moderna patent lists several. Over a hundred pathogens that can be control released over time so that deaths will appear to be random and mysterious. Those injected are understandably having a hard time accepting this reality, and while they are busy trying to figure out where all the heart attacks, turbo cancer, and neurological disease is coming from, they are being told that it’s due to Climate Change, and that regular pandemics are to now be expected.


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