July 18, 2024

  • Raytheon Whistleblower: Directed Energy Weapons That Can Cause Earthquakes Hidden In Antarctica


    Former Raytheon employee and whistleblower Eric Hecker has claimed that the US has developed highly advanced technology that is capable of causing earthquakes.

    Hecker recently joined Patrick Bet-David on podcast to warn the world about the military-industrial complex secrets that are hidden in the South Pole.

    He started the interview by describing his background and how he came to work for one of the world’s most powerful weapons manufacturers.

    InfoWars reports: Originally working as a plumber, the whistleblower was working for high-class clients who would sometimes use him as some sort of “getaway driver” when they wanted to leave a location.

    Eventually, Hecker ended up getting a job with Raytheon as a plumbing and heating specialist and was sent to Antarctica.

    After speaking with several scientists stationed at the South Pole, it became clear to Hecker that there was directed energy weapon research being done under the guise of a scientific project.

    He told Bet-David there are “Directed energy weapons platforms operating under the false pretenses of science. That’s what’s actually going on at the South Pole Station. There are technologies and weapons-grade technologies on this planet that the average citizen cannot even begin to wrap their brains around. And that’s why I’m speaking out. That’s my motivation is that we the people of this planet are obligated to leave it better than we found it for our children and if we have no idea the disaster we were handed, we’re not in a position to rectify the problem.”


    Later, Hecker claimed a device called, “the IceCube Neutrino Detector,” caused two accidental earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, in its first time being tested.

    Once the powers that be harnessed the earthquake technology, nations were reportedly threatened if they didn’t cooperate with certain global agendas.

    Turkey was allegedly a nation that tried to buck the system and was subsequently hit with an engineered earthquake.

    Infowars questioned whether technologies were used to create the Turkey earthquake soon after it wreaked havoc on the country.

    A Romanian member of parliament also accused the West of deliberately triggering the massive earthquake in Turkey as a warning not to stray from the globalist agenda.

    At one point, Hecker told Bet-David how scientists are reportedly manipulating Earth’s tectonic plates at fault lines to intentionally cause earthquakes.

    The project cost around $500 billion, according to the whistleblower.



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