June 24, 2024

  • Ukraine War “Spins Out of Control”: Putin Is Letting It Get Too Late to Turn Aside from Nuclear Armageddon

    Ukraine War “Spins Out of Control”: Putin Is Letting It Get Too Late to Turn Aside from Nuclear Armageddon


    The Russian government including President Putin now publicly acknowledges that Western provocations are increasing in scope and seriousness and are spinning the Ukrainian conflict out of control.

    The Russian government has stated that the American F-16 aircraft supplied to Ukraine by the idiotic governments of Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium will “be treated as nuclear-capable weapons.”

    Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and currently deputy director of the Russian Security Council has declared the West’s leaders to be “infantile morons” whose ignorant arrogance is leading to their destruction.

    Alarmed by the increasing likelihood of NATO and US soldiers deployed to Ukraine and by the British Foreign Secretary’s statement that there are no prohibitions on Ukraine’s use of the UK-provided long range missiles to strike deep into Russian territory, President Putin has ordered the Russian Ministry of Defense to conduct exercises to guarantee Russia’s ability to rapidly deploy battlefield nuclear weapons.

    Medvedev stated that while the moronic French president speaks of “strategic ambiguity,” for Russia there is no ambiguity. Russia’s “response will not be in Ukraine. There will be no hiding on Capitol Hill, in the Elysee Palace or at 10 Downing Street.”

    These developments confirm that I was correct that Putin’s never-ending conflict would permit ever increasing Western interventions until the situation spins out of control. As Putin has never enforced any of his many red lines that the West has crossed in Ukraine, the West no longer regards Russian warnings as meaningful. The warnings are welcomed and used as propaganda to further rouse Western populations to “the Russian threat.”

    I find it bewildering that Putin, and apparently Xi, still think the West will come to its senses and accept a multipolar world. The ignored reality is that Washington cannot possibly reposition Russia from enemy to trusted partner. Despite the enormous increase in provocations and elevation of tension, Russia and China are still unable to accept reality. In his inaugural speech Putin again gave his assurance that Russia does not renounce dialogue with the West. Apparently Putin is willing to be forever deceived as he was for eight years by the Minsk Agreement. Putin thinks the atmosphere has changed and today “reliability, mutual responsibility, sincerity, decency, nobility and courage” are highly valued. By whom, President Putin? Most certainly not by the West.

    Putin’s aversion to reality is buttressed by that of Russian foreign affairs “experts.” For example, Andrey Bystritsky of the Valdai Discussion Club claims that Putin’s openness to dialogue with the US about a mutual security system will “undoubtedly be heard in the West. There is no doubt about it. They are listening carefully.” Please name one leader in the West who is seeking “diplomatic solutions.” If any such leader exists, he clearly has no influence.

    The French president has sent French Foreign Legion troops to Ukraine.

    The UK foreign minister has sent Ukraine long-range missiles with which to attack deep into Russia.

    The Lithuanian prime minister dismisses Russian warnings and says she is ready to send troops to Ukraine. Biden calls the Russian president “Hitler” to justify more armaments and money for Ukraine.

    These are not the words and deeds of those seeking diplomatic solutions. Russians have a difficult time engaging with reality, and it is the Russian failure to accept reality that is leading to nuclear war.

    Putin does not understand that in America, the only remaining cement holding a dissolving society together is propaganda about “foreign enemies.”

    American conservatives and super-patriots (USA! USA! USA!) oppressed by their own government rally to the support of their oppressive government against “foreign enemies.”

    The designation of Russia, China, and Iran as enemies is essential for unity and for the power and profit of the powerful military/security complex. Without the propaganda, expressed by UK, EU, Biden and US Congressional leaders that Russia will next invade Europe, what would hold the West together? With the enormous investment Washington has in the portrait of Russia as Hitlerite evil, how can the Kremlin possibly entertain the hope of a partnership?

    If Putin does not quickly bring an inexcusably over-long conflict to a victorious end before Ukraine fills up with Western troops, he will bequeath nuclear Armageddon to the world.



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