Healing the Nations Ministry

Liberation of Haunted Mansions, Houses and Places

Liberation of Haunted Mansions, Houses and Places


There are many inhabitable and abandoned haunted mansions, houses and places in America and around the world that are in need to be liberated from the power of evil. As people who have experienced what it’s like to live in a haunted home, we understand that it’s scary and not everyone knows what to do or whom to seek for help. Pastor Karen Rajabian has spent many years dealing with and casting out supernatural entities as she has continued helping people to liberate haunted places. Here you can read how she goes about performing spiritual liberations.

If you happen to have a haunted mansion, museum, hospital, hotel, building, restaurant or house that needs to be liberated from dark spiritual forces, Healing the Nations Ministry will come to any place around the world to do a powerful spiritual liberation.

While we do not charge for our services, we do require that traveling expenses, meals as well as hotel and transportation expenses be provided.

Please book a time to speak to us on the telephone or over Zoom about this powerful event.