Healing the Nations Ministry

Thank You

Thank You


Thank you for reaching out to Karen Rajabian’s Healing the Nations Ministry in time of need.


Due to the number of calls and emails that we are receiving from many people around the world with different needs of spiritual liberation intervention and inquiries, we would like to inform you about our ministry’s way of going about doing it.


Although the reason(s) why you may be going through different types of spiritual liberation needs is yet to be established, Pastor Rajabian is here to help. Most importantly, you, her and the Lord Jesus Christ are a team in which you can count on for help.


There is a need to agree on a plan to be developed which includes the following:


First, when you are ready to engage yourself in the path of spiritual liberation, contacting Healing the Nations Ministry for help, is the first step to take.


Second, if you need liberation from demonic possession or satanic practices and cannot come to us, we will come to you wherever you are. While the Karen Rajabian’s Healing the Nations Ministry does not charge for spiritual services provided, we do require that Pastor Rajabian and her assistant's traveling expenses be provided, such as the flight ticket, hotel stay, meals, and transportation. Please note that Pastor Rajabian will not stay over at your home if offered to do so.


Third, if you have a haunted mansion, house, or place, please keep in mind that it is necessary that Pastor Rajabian comes over to your home or place to confirm or find out whether evil spirits are dwelling in there and tormenting people so that she can perform the spiritual liberation that you need.


Fourth, if the presence of evil spirits is detected, Pastor Rajabian needs to act upon it as soon as she is allowed to do so.


In accordance with the Holy Scriptures (the Bible), and depending on the spiritual liberation that you require, it is important to note that Pastor Rajabian can only do the things that you would authorize her to do at your place, which includes pray, walk in and around your place, and approach you and anyone else when appropriate to minister everyone.


The spiritual liberation activities that she performs are in full accord with the word of God, which guides His people as to how to go about doing it. This can be confirmed by reading the Bible. Pastor Rajabian with do all things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Fifth, Pastor Rajabian will pray to the Lord and minister to you and your family as she expels evil spirits from your home/place. While we pray, if the Lord wants to do so, He could manifest Himself to us to guide Pastor Rajabian (as He has done it before) to let her know about your spiritual state and that of your home/place “if there is any.” Amazing things could happen if the Lord wants to manifest Himself to us while we pray. Please keep in mind that there is not always a protocol to do things especially when the Lord steps in and gets things done His way.  


Sixth, if you are looking for a solution to your current situation, it is necessary that you and your family pray with her to begin the fight against spiritual forces contrary to that of the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. For that purpose, please be prepared with a copy of the New King James Version of the Bible book. Pastor Rajabian will guide you through it all.


Seventh, in the event that there are evil spirits residing in your home/place and tormenting you and your love ones, be prepared to see any strong manifestation of evil spirits at the moment Pastor Rajabian steps into it and/or at the moment she expels them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Eight, after the demons are casted out, there will be a period of peace in your home/place, which you need to work on to maintain. Pastor Rajabian will explain to you how to go about doing it. 


Ninth, we understand that a recording device such as a phone, video recorder, or camera, could be a helpful way to capture and preserve information about conversations and interactions between us in which we may engage in. It is also a good way to document what takes place in a private meeting at your home/place whether for personal reference or just memory record. We would like to anticipate that Healing the Nations Ministry does support and perform its own recording activities when conducting spiritual liberations, which upon request, we may provide you a copy of.


Tenth, please note that anything that is said and done between Pastor Rajabian, you, and your family is 100% confidential and she will not disclose it to the public unless authorized on a spiritual witness testimony basis (without mentioning your family name). 


Eleventh, if you have the funds and decide to move forward with the above, please let us know so by booking a powerful event.