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  • Literalist Chronology of God's Work in Times Square Church and the Suffering of His Servant - PART 6

    Literalist Chronology of God's Work in Times Square Church and the Suffering of His Servant - PART 6

    Published on October 3, 2023, and Last Edited and Updated in Real Time on October 31, 2023


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    The fear of the wicked will come upon him, and the desire of the righteous will be granted (Proverbs 10:24).



    On October 1st, 2023, the wicked Pharisees preached on “Zeal” but titled the sermon “When Something is Over, Something Better is Coming.”


    Pharisee Tim Dilena preaching at Times Square Church on October 1st, 2023



    Jesus has been leading preacher Rajabian to prophesy about the good and the bad. And we have extensively written about both, the good that is coming to the House of the Lord and among the nations as well as the bad, the wicked deeds of the Pharisees in Times Square Church and place else, which are soon coming to an end.

    The Pharisees call themselves high profile. Below, we summarize who Jesus says they really are.

    1.   they are perverse and crooked

    2.   they pray to God in public to be seen by men

    3.   they fast to God in public to be seen by men

    4.   they tithe to be seen by men

    5.   their worship of God is to be seen by men

    6.   they are foolish men who exalt themselves to be seen by men in all things of God

    7.   they are proud and conceited men

    8.   they condemn sinners

    9.   they are stumbling blocks in the path of many people

    10. they are the sons of the devil who they obey against God

    11.  they are evil

    12.  they resist the Holy Spirit rather than resisting their father the devil

    13.  they are blasphemers of the Holy Spirit

    14.  they are called a brood of vipers by our Lord Jesus Christ

    15.  they seek signs from Jesus and His servants

    16.  they are adulterous men

    17.  they are sexually immoral loving to Sodomize people

    18.  they like to strife

    19.  they persecute Jesus and His disciples

    20.  they are violent

    21.  they are murderers

    22.  faithless

    23.  they are unloving

    24.  lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God

    25.  they do not love their neighbors or the church of God

    26.  they are lovers of money

    27.  they are men lovers of self

    28.  they are greedy

    29.  they are disobedient to God

    30.  they do not trust the God

    31.  they do not believe in God

    32.  they believe in feeding their god their belly

    33.  they are arrogant

    34.  they are revilers

    35.  they are unholy

    36.  they are unloving

    37.  they are ungrateful

    38.  they are irreconcilable

    39.  they are malicious

    40.  they gossip

    41.  they are jealous

    42.  they are without self-control

    43.  they brutal

    44.  they are haters of good

    45.  they are treacherous

    46.  they are reckless

    47.  they are hateful

    48.  they devour people’s houses

    49.  they are thief

    50.  they do not honor God but honor one another

    51.  they justify their wicked deeds before men

    52.  they rejected the Pentecostal Movement of God and never performed a healing miracle

    53.  they are liars

    54.  their testimonies are false testimonies

    55.  they deceive people and the congregation of God

    56.  they are hostile in mind towards God

    57.  they are foolish men towards the things of God but wise to do evil

    58.  they never received prophecies from the Lord

    59.  they aren’t prophets

    60.  they are carnal men

    61.  they are full of envy

    62.  outwardly, they appear well dressed and righteous to men, but inside, they are full of uncleanness

    63.  they are unrighteous men

    64.  they are abominable in the sight of the Lord

    65.  they never received the revelation of the word of God

    66.  they never received prophecies from the Lord

    67.  they are ignorant

    68.  they exalt themselves

    69.  they are hypocrites

    70.  they are spiritually blind

    71.  they have poor knowledge of the word of God

    72.  they twist the word of God when they preach to deliver their own messages to the congregation of the Lord

    73.  they never wrote a book to preach or teach to the congregation of the Lord because they do not have the capacity to teach the truth of the Lord

    74.  they love the praises of the people more than the praises of God

    75.  God did not call them to ministry 

    76.  they persecute Jesus and His church body

    77.  they are enemies of God

    78.  they lost salvation to eternal life in Jesus Christ

    79.  their glory is in their shame

    etc., etc.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ has publicly exposed the Pharisees and the reasons why. And thus, we have used the Bible as the word spoken by the mouth of the Lord to write about who the Pharisees/Sodomites/Canaanites really are in the sight of God. And all their truth has come to light.

    Jesus is faithful to His church: …And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18). As it is, the power of hell will not overcome the church of the living God to thrive!


    Pharisee Tim Dilena preaching at Times Square Church on February 12, 2023

    The Pharisees have finished preaching the series of 26 sermons “supposed letters” from A to Z and have also let preacher Rajabian know that they are going ahead with the publication of the sermons book to teach the church.

    As shown in the above screenshot, on February 12, 2023, Pharisee Tim Dilena had originally announced to the church that he would start preaching a series of sermons in the type of letters and implied that the purpose of starting such sermons was to call preacher Rajabian and get her moving back to church to deliver the message she received from God for His church. We know the rest of the story. We watched the sermon.

    In the series of our weekly posts, we have been commenting on what the Pharisees have been preaching to Times Square Church, and we have been repeatedly saying that the Pharisees have been teaching the church what they have been learning from preacher Rajabian and the reasons why.

    As we know it, things have been happening as Jesus said about them. Due to the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees, they cannot see nor understand the Holy Scriptures. And so, they have poor knowledge of the bible; and cannot preach it without twisting what is written in the bible.

    On their own, they are incapable of preaching and writing well-structured content to create a book to teach truth to the church. Because of this serious skill they lack, they have been using Karen Rajabian’s sources to exalt themselves before the church with her teachings.

    We have proof of it all. Besides, if they end up publishing the books, we will have more proof of the writing content they have taken from Karen’s sources.