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  • Literalist Chronology of God's Work in Times Square Church and the Suffering of His Servant - PART 1

    Literalist Chronology of God's Work in Times Square Church and the Suffering of His Servant - PART 1

    Published on April 7, 2023, and Last Edited and Updated in Real Time on April 22, 2023



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    ....When they went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people, He permitted no one to do them wrong; yes, He rebuked kings for their sakes, saying, "Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm...." (Psalms 105:13-15).

    This literalist chronology attempts to correlate the history of God's work in His Times Square Church in New York and show how His servants suffer while He gets His work done and how their suffering experiences become a testimony to tell the family of faith.


    Bible history shows that while God is working to fulfill His judgment and the future of His people upon whom His judgment is, it has never been easy for His prophets to deliver the messages they received from Him to His people, especially if they were wicked people they had to interact with. 


    Many of the Lord’s prophets of old were stoned, abused, tortured, others killed, cut in two parts, ignored, despised, persecuted, mocked, and even dragged out of places for the Lord’s sake. Jeremiah was one of them. As one of the major prophets of the Lord, he went through a lot during his prophetic ministry. His life and prophecies are collected and can be read in the biblical book that bears his name.

    As a prophet, God had given Jeremiah the mission to pronounce His judgment upon the people of his time for their wickedness. While God was working on the judgment and fate of His people of Judah in Israel, Jeremiah presented himself as a courageous and persistent prophet who often had to endure physical abuse and suffering for his fidelity to the prophetic call against the injustices of his time. He was scorned by the wicked people to whom he preached, persecuted, arrested, beaten, and left in a pit. King Zedekiah, the last ruler of Judah, had him imprisoned for warning of the fall of Jerusalem. After the fall of Jerusalem, Jeremiah was exiled to Egypt, where he eventually died. 


    Although God doesn't like His prophets to suffer harm at the hand of the wicked, nowadays, history has repeated itself.


    When God called Karen Rajabian to serve Him, He not only engaged her in the process of sanctification, bringing her from glory to glory as He was preparing her for a healing and prophetic ministry but was using her to deliver prophetic messages on His behalf. While this was happening, preacher Rajabian had similar experiences of maltreatment and abuse to the prophets of old by God's people when she delivered messages to the backslider people of Times Square Church, New York, among other places.


    From 2002 through 2004, when Karen Rajabian congregated in more than one of the Pentecostal Churches of God where she was born in Jesus Christ, she received the revelation of God regarding a Promised Land she would later know as Times Square Church.


    While she congregated herself at Times Square Church, in early 2005, the prophecy of the Promised Land was confirmed by God to pastor William Carrol of Times Square Church, saying that Times Square Church is the land He had promised to her. In addition, He revealed the wicked lifestyle of the pastors of the church and that she was Preparing the Way of the Lord before His Mighty manifestation to the World. As a result of God's revelation to William Carrol, pastor Carter Colon challenged Karen Rajabian to confirm all the issues publicly during a Sunday morning church service, which she did under the authority of God, Who had appeared to her in visions of the night, leading her to confirm the issues publicly. Here is where her suffering for the Lord’s sake, began. At this time, after she confirmed the issues, the church security guards dragged her out of the church and called the cops to get her arrested for doing what pastor Carter Colon had asked her to do. Consequently, every time she delivered messages, the pastors of Times Square Church would call the cops to get her arrested. Overall, Times Square Church pastors got preacher Karen Rajabian arrested about 4 times to stop her from delivering messages from God to His church. Afterward, since 2012 she stopped coming to the church. 


    In 2005, God revealed to Karen Rajabian His Judgment against Modern Sodom (Times Square Church), Gomorrah and their Neighbors and why, as well as their fate. In addition to who contemporary Lot and Abraham are in His sight.


    The history of the biblical Sodom, as applicable to modern Sodom today, is found in (Genesis 14:1-24; 18:16-33 - 19:1-20), as one of many events that developed during the lifetime of Abraham (Karen Rajabian). The cry against the grievous sins of Sodom was great, and God responded to the cry of the people. His vengeance against that city is seen in the irreversible judgment that He brought upon them.

    According to God, the Sodomites were very wicked; they made an agreement among themselves that whenever a stranger visited them, they would force him to sodomy. When the Sodomites saw the young men (the angels) be of beautiful countenances, they resolved to enjoy these beautiful boys by force and violence sexually. Sexual immorality was one of their many grievous sins in the sight of the Lord, as the reason why Sodom was destroyed (Jude 7); homosexuality in gang-rape of visitors, night after night, over many years, would certainly have been more than a sufficient cause for God to destroy this place. Abraham’s brother Lot's horror was expressed over having his sacred offer of hospitality violated; (2) adultery (Jeremiah 23:14); although the men of Sodom had developed a taste for sexual violence and male rape, they were still heterosexuals, husbands, and fathers, who bore children and kept the city populated; (3) also walked in lies; (4) and strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turned back from his wickedness (Jeremiah 23:14); (5) proud and haughty and committed abomination before the Lord, (6) had the fullness of food and abundance of idleness; (7) neither did they strengthen the hand of the poor and needy (Ezekiel 16:49-50), (8) they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom, God came to them as a thief in the night and rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all (Luke 17:28-29).

    The Sodomites, then, were vile creatures who broke the revered custom of offering hospitality– instead to inflict pain and torture on travelers who turned into the city seeking simple shelter and safety for the night. The Sodomites' attention was focused on the wrong thing – on sexual violence instead of caring for the poor and needy people and strangers. Old Testament prophets of the Bible and later Jews often recalled Sodom and Gomorrah as an unforgettable metaphor of human wickedness and divine punishment, and they used this to declare how Israel or other nations would be brought to utter destruction and desolation, often with lightning speed, for their evil deeds. The intoxicated voices of the prophets pointed to a variety of sins, including forsaking the Lord to worship other gods (Deuteronomy 29:22-28), taunting God's people (Zephaniah 2:8-11); bloodshed, injustice, neglect of orphans and widows (Isaiah 1:9-11,15-17); adultery, lying, and aiding evildoers (Jeremiah 23:10-15), etc. These sins that the Sodomites committed are in addition to those they committed against Karen Rajabian, explained below.


    In early 2005 through powerful visions, God had shown Karen Rajabian that the pastors of Times Square Church (the Sodomites), shown in the image above, had conspired to start a persecution against her. 


    For the past 18 years, from early 2005 through the present time, those phony pastors invaded her home and violated her privacy 24/7/365 when she was in the intimacy of her home. They and the staff of Times Square Church, and people they were able to hire, have been persecuting Karen Rajabian, following her everywhere from city to city. At first, they installed a wiretap in her home, her family's home, her jobs, and business places. According to Carter Colon, years later, he was also able to install cameras in Karen Rajabian's home when she wasn't there. The hostility and harassment were constant as they could hear and spread her personal business affairs using different means of communication, such as preaching sermons and broadcasts mocking her with lies and exaggerations. 


    They had the advantage of going ahead of preacher Rajabian in many things. They could learn who Karen Rajabian really is and what she practices in Jesus Christ. Thus, they learned to preach, speak and express themselves the way Karen does. So, they imitated her use of the Pentecostal language to speak and preach. So, from being a protestant church, suddenly, they informed the church and the public that they have always been a "Pentecostal Church" by denomination) and trained the choir people and staff to speak like Pentecostals, which is funny. Also, they improved the use of their poor Christian knowledge of the Bible to preach and teach even the prophetic application of the Holy Scriptures. In addition, they enhanced the choir practices, charities, ministries, and church services in general. In addition, they retold preacher Rajabian's charities, testimonies, and experiences with the Lord as their own. Moreover, they even had others publicly retelling her testimonies and experiences with the Lord as their own. On the other hand, pastor Teresa Colon likes to wear clothing styles and colors of Karen Rajabian preference. While they spoke badly about her, they always showed the need to impress the church congregants and the Christian Community with new practices and things they learned from her. This is sad. They had to devour Karen Rajabian's home and places as well as this blog to learn what they should have known and practiced during ministry before they met her and persecuted her.


    The wicked pastors became prophets, too. They were prophesizing the things that will soon come to happen in the world, which God has revealed to preacher Rajabian, such as the healing, signs, and wonders that He will do in this generation through her as well as prophecies fulfilled before the End of Times. But the wicked were saying that what God will do is a response to their prayers. This is sad so sad because God is fulfilling prophecies through preacher Rajabian not hearing the prayers of the wicked like themselves, they have lied to the people. Highlighted in red, the screenshot below shows the Time Square Church Summit School of Ministry saying so: